How to Buy Imported Products in Pakistan

If you are an individual or company residing in Pakistan and want to get imported products from international retailers then you might be wondering how to buy imported products in Pakistan from popular retailers like Amazon and eBay. We are one of the few companies who offers are customers with the option to get international shipping services in Pakistan to help them get their desired products in Pakistan.

Our easy-to- use services allow us to provide our customers with the ability to choose their desired products from Amazon and eBay and get them delivered to your doorsteps. You can get yourself registered with us and simply order your desired product from Amazon or eBay.

Our team members will provide the address of our warehouses in China or United States where the retailers can ship the products at very cheap rates. Once the product has arrived in our warehouse, we will ship it again to Pakistan where the local partners will deliver them to your provided address. We are responsible for the delivery of the product to your doorsteps where the custom clearance, taxes and duties are paid by us.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how to order from Amazon & eBay as the items from Amazon and eBay are now shipped to Pakistan at low rates where we just charge minor shipping charges in addition to the original cost of the product being shipped.