Amazon Shipping in Pakistan

Whether you are a company or an individual who is looking to get the amazon products delivered to your doorsteps in Pakistan then the Amazon shipping services offered by us are ideal for you. We offer the option to let the customers choose their desired products from Amazon and get them delivered to your home address where our prices are kept lower than the Amazon international shipping price.

Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world offers almost all kind of imported products for sale but, not all of them are delivered to Pakistan or their shipping charges too high as compared to the price of the product. We are the alternate of Amazon shipping to Pakistan where we guarantee Amazon delivery in Pakistan for different products.

We allow our customers to select their desired products from Amazon and order them, we offer the ability to get them delivered to our warehouses in United States and China where the delivery charges are almost none or very low. Once the product ordered by our customer has been delivered to your home address in our warehouse, we reship it to your mentioned address in Pakistan by using the traditional courier services like DHL and FedEx. We are also responsible for all the additional expenses including custom clearance.

You can order the products from Amazon at regular Amazon international shipping price but, we will charges a bit extra for shipment of your products to Pakistan which is still much-low as compared to the Amazon delivery in Pakistan pricing.